Laser and Magnetotherapy effective in physical rehabilitation post interstitial pneumonia (or coronavirus pneumonia)

03 August 2020 - Research -

The "Physical rehabilitation of patients with pneumonia associated with coronavirus infection (COVID-19)" manual released by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, in collaboration with the Moscow State University of Food Production and The Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education, has no doubts: in the physical rehabilitation of patients with coronavirus-dependent interstitial pneumonia, Laser Therapy and Magnetotherapy play a leading role.

Specifically, the doctors who prepared the Manual - professional rehabilitation specialists with direct experience in the treatment of Covid-19 patients, editor's note - found that “effective results are obtained using laser therapy in patients with pneumonia caused by coronavirus infection by subjecting them to a cycle of daily sessions for a total of 10 sessions. In parallel, magnetotherapy, as we read in the text of the Manual, reduces oedema (if present), improves the alveolar blood flow and the modulation of the metabolic inflammation processes. According to the Russian specialists who drafted the text recommended by the Educational and Methodical Council of the Moscow State University, a total cycle of 20-25 sessions, to be applied on a daily basis or on alternate days and possibly to be repeated after 1-2 months, has a positive effect on patients with Covid-19-induced lung disease.

A recognition of excellence for the two ASA therapeutic solutions that confirms all their value even in dealing with a recently discovered complex problem still in the study phase.

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