MLS® Laser Therapy at the front line of new research

09 June 2020 - Research -

MLS® Laser Therapy is the protagonist of new research carried out by internationally renowned professionals.

An example is provided by the study conducted by Doctor Scott Sigman (Team Physician UMASS Lowell, member of the World Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine and of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, founder and director of the OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers) who employs it for treating lung inflammation in post Covid-19 patients.

In addition, MLS® is at the core of further studies focusing on elaborating ad-hoc protocols for patients’ neurological rehabilitation.

“Since our founding – Lucio Zaghetto, ASA’s President and Educational Director explains – we have placed Research as our guide and beacon, understanding its value in providing additional validation to our therapies. That one of our leading therapeutic solutions should now be freely chosen by proven specialists and authorities for specific studies in topical contexts, such as Covid-19, can only be a source of great pride. At the same time, our Research division continues its development projects, both as concerns additional in-depth analysis and in relation to implementing outreach materials available to all the scientific community as well as to our distributors and customers”.

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