HIRO TT in support of sports

23 March 2020 - Corporate -

Both those who practice sports at an amateur level, and those who practice it at a competitive level and train constantly, find themselves having to deal with different types of traumas that end up limiting the correct performance of the physical activity. A stop which represents an obstacle especially for athletes who often have to deal with close-together races and competitions. Therefore, having a complete therapeutic support during the pre- and post-competition phase that allows them to recover for the best should small traumas or more complex disorders occur becomes a priority. Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, HIRO TT has all the credentials to be the most effective response to their needs.

This is confirmed by Salvatore Germano (MediPerson - PV) and Mara Mezzalira (Fisiolab - VI) who use it on those who habitually carry out activities with a high trauma rate, such as, for example, boxing and running.

“HIRO TT – explains Germano – based on the principle of heat exchange, by combining the pulsed Nd: YAG laser source with a cooling system which lowers the temperature of the skin and of the underlying tissues, allows to effectively manage disorders which those who box commonly have to deal with and which for example involve tendon and ligament injuries, but also post-traumatic arthrosis. ASA's therapeutic strategy offers complete support both during the pre-match period, when there is a very intense athletic preparation, and during the post-match one, for recovery, by acting quickly on reducing pain and inflammation. The effect generated is immediate: the benefits are felt straight after the session or even during it. It is an important physical and mental added value, as the athlete who has to wear the gloves feels secure that the problem is being solved”.

Mara Mezzalira also shares the same opinion:  “Competitors of a certain standing need to keep up and for us who support them it is important to be able to allow them to compete in the best possible conditions, acting on pain as the priority. For example, thanks to the SmartCooler, which allows to make the most of the HILT® pulse, thereby conveying a greater quantity of photons faster and deeper, HIRO TT enables us to intervene at an early stage even for acute pathologies such as traumas, muscle injuries and bruises. This allows a quick recovery of the athlete who can return to his/her sport without wasting time. The therapeutic strategy also offers us an additional important element: the ability to quickly change the 3 fibres to modify the target even during the treatment phase, so as to provide an even more timely response to the patient”.

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