Osteochondritis of the knee: even running a marathon is possible thanks to laser therapy

23 March 2020 - Therapies -

At the beginning it is a slight discomfort in the knee which, slowly but progressively, worsens until it involves swelling, joint effusion and a progressive decrease in functionality, causing a series of limitations to daily life. Osteochondritis, a "sneaky" disorder which mainly affects the bones which make up a cartilaginous joint (knee, hip, elbow, ankle), makes a painful pact with athletes and with those who have to carry out any heavy work, forced to see their movements severely reduced.
Although typical of the developmental age, when it develops due to the intense ossification activity, it does not spare adults as well: athletes, amateurs or professionals, all those who rely on their knee and solicit it continuously both when training and when taking part in competitions. Repeated traumas do not play a beneficial role towards its onset as is confirmed, for example, by runners and marathon runners who very often have to deal with osteochondritis.

“I am 51 years old, I am a saleswoman and a running enthusiast who discovered that her knees were unable to support her and that I was unable to train for the New York Marathon, the dream with which I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday. I turned to various orthopaedists and specialists whose diagnosis was clear: osteochondritis of the knee, best to avoid running and even long walks", explains M.F.

A bitter blow for the sportswoman, the result of a scrupulous diagnosis which, in the case of this disease, usually involves the analysis of joint motility, an MRI scan, a basic examination to understand its stage, x-rays of the knee, ultrasound and, if necessary, a CT scan. Despite the recommended stop, M. F. does not give up and, followed by a physiotherapist, defines a targeted conservative therapy which includes laser therapy sessions. In fact, in addition to acting quickly on pain and inflammation, by reducing these, laser therapy allows an evident improvement in the functionality of the joint already after a limited number of applications. Together with a constant but progressive training, it therefore allows to recover the physical condition in order to return to daily activities without suffering. 

“I underwent a HIRO TT cycle, a therapeutic strategy based on heat exchange which allows to intervene early even in the most acute disorders such as trauma, muscle injuries and bruises. Thanks to this laser therapy I was able to safely continue the workouts necessary to tackle my challenge, feeling, at the end of each training, only the "normal" muscle pains which every sportsperson feels, while my knees did not convey any problem”.

Passion, commitment and laser therapy allowed M.F. to be able to run the entire Marathon without having any difficulty recovering in the days that followed. 

“I am very satisfied to have entrusted and trusted laser therapy: probably if I had not undergone the sessions with HIRO TT, in addition to not being able to make my dream come true, I might have had to deal with more complex problems”. 

Although the therapy which is used in the case of osteochondritis where the lesion is stable is conservative (rest from physical / work activity, physiotherapy, immobilisation with plaster or use of crutches, medicines), in the case of unstable stages it is instead necessary to resort to surgery by means of arthroscopic surgery combined with a drug therapy. So good news for running enthusiasts who have challenging goals to achieve: diagnosed in the early stages, osteochondritis can be treated effectively and successfully by resorting to a conservative treatment which makes laser therapy one of its strongest components.
To get on the podium, however, as well as laser, you will need training and the desire to win!

In addition to acting quickly on pain and inflammation, by reducing these, laser therapy allows an evident improvement in the functionality of the joint already after a limited number of applications. Together with a constant but progressive training, it allows the return to daily activities without suffering.

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