HIRO TT: a Hilterapia® course exclusively for Greek professionals

28 November 2022 - Training -

To provide indications useful for the best use of HIRO TT to physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists partners of ASA and, in parallel, to present the strong points of the device to professionals who already employ HIRO 3.0 and SH1.

These were the aims of the course held by ASA staff at the Bioanadrasis Clinic in Moschato City, Athens.

The day of training involved 20 participants and provided an opportunity to supply a review of the basics of Hilterapia®, identifying its specific features and the benefits provided when treating specific pathologies. Structured in order to address various topics entrusted to Alberto Fera – ASA Area Manager - Giorgio Dordoni and Mata Karagianni – ASA physiotherapists and FAS - the training course was keenly followed by participants, particularly during the practical session.

“All the participants were proactive in learning how to best use the device and enthusiastic that they were able to receive continuous support together with scheduled training. The speeches by Dordoni and Karagianni were greatly appreciated, as was demonstrated by the interaction generated precisely during the hands-on phase they managed jointly”, Fera concludes.

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