ASA takes the field at the ATP Challenger event in Vicenza

30 May 2022 - Corporate -

ASA was also among the sponsors of the ATP Challenger "Tennis Internationals in Vicenza" event which took place between 23rd and 29th May and saw the 25-year-old Andrea Pellegrino on the podium. In fact, the Apulian athlete from Bisceglie beat the US-Argentinian Andrea Collarini with the result 6-1, 6-4.

“As a Vicenza-based company active in the production of laser therapies also intended for rehabilitation, we could not miss this appointment. Tennis players often have to deal with musculoskeletal problems that can compromise or slow down their activities and laser therapy is a valid answer to support them, allowing them to recover quickly and significantly reducing pain as a first step”, comments Alberto Zaghetto, ASA Area Manager.

Of the same opinion is also Mara Mezzalira (physiotherapist and owner of “Fisiolab 8.14”) who, during the final stages of the tournament, welcomed athletes, their companions and judges in her mobile physiotherapy studio “Fisiovan” equipped with various systems, including the Mphi 75 portable device for MLS® Laser Therapy.

Testo a Destra

“Shoulder and elbow stress, but also back pains and cramps, were the problems that most affected the athletes. By using MLS® Laser Therapy in particular, we are able to limit their pain by reducing inflammation so that they could tackle pre-match training and matches in the best way possible. By using it, we also helped a touch judge with a dislocated thumb”.

The tangible benefits of laser therapy are confirmed by the tennis players themselves who used it even before the “Tennis Internationals”.

Testo a Sinistra

“I suffered from inflammatory problems in my shoulder, knee and hip that were treated with laser therapy. I would recommend it to my professional colleagues because it helped me a lot”, says Andreas Seppi.  Andrea Arnaboldi is of the same opinion: “For the osteitis pubis I suffered from in the past and for sciatica, which I often have to deal with, in addition to physical therapy, I relied on laser therapy, which turned out to be a panacea, especially for its analgesic effect”.

Pain under control thanks to laser therapy also for Giovanni Fonio who, during the competitions that were held at the Foro Italico, used laser therapy for a calf strain:

“It helped me immediately - he says - so much that I was 100% in shape, whereas I thought that the injury would not allow me to give my best”.

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