ASA Partners Meeting: the value of “teamwork”

21 March 2024 - Corporate -

A total of four days of full immersion in the world of ASA to focus on the new devices - M-Hi and HIRO – and to analyse the biological effects of Hilterapia®: these were the key points of the two ASA Partners Meetings organised in February for our Italian and European partners with the aim of consolidating relations with dealers.

In the name of “teamwork” and of sharing, the two meetings were attended by more than 60 people called upon to “pool” their experiences and to discuss the unique features of the various geographical areas. The same format:

  • the first day focused on M-Hi – device features, usability and practical demo with a presentation of the launch campaign and of the marketing support available to distributors – as well as on an overview of the corporate organisation and its growth prospects;
  • the key point of the second one was Hilterapia®. After brushing up on its strengths, the ASA staff presented the new HIRO device, analysing the innovations that make it suitable for improving the quality of the work of physiotherapy professionals.
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ASA Clinical Manager

Cutting edge Therapeutic Solutions, but not only:

“during the Meetings, particular attention was paid to the state of the art of Research, underlining what has been implemented to achieve the EU MDR certification – issued by TÜV Sud in April 2023, ed. – and during the development and execution phase to continue to support ASA technologies by means of reliable validations from all over the world” Davide Travalin, ASA Clinical Manager tells us.

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ASA Area Manager

The positive feedback from the participants decreed the success of the initiatives which, as Alberto Zaghetto, Area Manager Italia tells us

“were organised also in order to stimulate the sales force, by providing additional indications and useful information for assisting their daily work. Tangible support aimed at further strengthening our partners”.

Carlo Marchesini, Marketing Manager, gives a similar assessment, underlining how

“particularly as concerns Italy, this meeting represented a unique occasion to meet up and to understand where to reinforce our company’s involvement. We certainly have margin for improvement to put in place and this meeting allowed us to understand how to intervene”.

Roberto Terruzzi, Senior Export Manager, clarifies:

“At last, a meeting with all our European partners! Direct discussions favour collecting very useful information for our further growth, even in countries where we have been operating for some time already”.

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ASA Product Specialist

“Undoubtedly, compared to the past, when the presentation of new products often coincided with industry fairs, these events allowed giving proper consideration and emphasis to the launch of the two new entries. But that's not all. These meetings gave us the opportunity to showcase, discuss and allow appreciation of the details which often make the difference in the ASA products, demonstrating the company’s keen attention towards the customer’s and the patient’s requirements”, Silvia Vitulo, ASA Product Specialist states.

The strategy to involve various corporate roles in the presentation was also a winning one: “A choice – Vitulo concludes –that demonstrates how ASA is the result of mixing many types of specific skills to support our commercial partners”. 

Tutto Schermo
ASA EU Distributor Meeting 2024

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