Study: Hilterapia® and shock waves allied against plantar fasciitis

23 November 2022 - Research -

Hilterapia® allows a rapid solution of the painful symptoms linked to plantar fasciitis, especially when combined with radial shock waves.

This is underlined by a recent study – New Treatment for Chronic Heel Pain in Plantar Fasciitis – in which the HIRO 3.0 device, with its pulsed Nd:YAG laser source (1064 nm wavelength), was applied for 2 weeks over 10 sessions per day lasting 10-15 minutes following 3 phases:

  • fast manual scan;
  • treatment of trigger points;
  • slow manual scan.

Where on the one hand Hilterapia® showed a faster decrease in pain compared to the shock wave treatment alone, even better results were achieved when the two therapies were used in combination during the single treatment session.

Hilterapia® and shock waves together have therefore shown a synergistic effect on pain reduction without side effects.

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Ultrasound before after Hilterapia treatment

Ultrasound assessment of the effects of HILT therapy alone or in combination with ESWT (shockwave) at follow-up

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