A new detailed study into Hilterapia®: from molecular and cellular effects to clinical studies

23 November 2022 - Research -

A new review – Hilterapia®: From molecular and cellular effects to clinical studies - analyses and discusses the action mechanisms and therapeutic effects of Hilterapia®: various pre-clinical studies demonstrate how the photothermal and photomechanical effects, typical of the therapy, have obvious positive effects in the analgesic, anti-oedema and reparative fields, acting in depth on the cells, on the extracellular matrix and on the membrane proteins.

Concentrating primarily on osteoarticular and musculoskeletal problems, with a focus on knees, shoulders and spine, the study analyses the direct application of these effects in many other areas.Specifically, the analysis concerns the application of the therapeutic solution in the treatment of:

  • sports injuries: the HILT® impulse allows the athlete to heal and reduce recovery times, enabling a rapid return to competitive activity in optimal conditions
  • chronic wounds and ulcers: for these problems, the therapy proves to be functional not only for tissue regeneration, but also for healing.


Following the review, therefore, the main characteristics and benefits of Hilterapia® emerge, among which these stand out:

  • the in-depth transfer of a greater amount of energy which allows the treatment of deep tissues;
  • the strong photomechanical effect, which stimulates specific reactions in the tissues;
  • the rapid action on pain, essential for mobilisation activities and exercises;
  • the reduction of treatment times and the long-lasting effect.

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