Running Time: ankle, foot, and heel in safety with laser therapy

03 March 2021 - Therapies -

Running? A panacea for mood and health.

Too bad that running in too long sessions or excessive training can trigger pain instead of pleasure.
Dealing with the suffering are mainly the feet, victims of peritendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, but also tendinopathies and metatarsalgia.
The result? An imposed break and an often-slow recovery.

Testo a Destra

Laser therapy helps to ‘not fall behind’: by generating biochemical reactions and vasodilation and increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients, it facilitates the resolution of the inflammatory process and the reabsorption of the oedema. If you combine this with its analgesic action, it is easy to imagine that even pain is quickly alleviated.

Testo a Destra
Immagine 30%/Testo 60%

“Already from the very first session with Laser therapy, patients have found immediate relief from pain”

Dr Richard Jacoby, DPM Director of Valley Foot Surgeons, an American luminary in foot and ankle surgery

An important benefit for the runners who find in Laser Therapy a valid supporter to solve the pathologies they run into during training sessions or relaxing weekend getaways.
This is confirmed by Francesco Atzeni, a physiotherapist and CEMES coordinator who deals with professional and amateur runners every day.

Testo a Destra
Immagine 30%/Testo 60%

“An early treatment with laser therapy can not only shorten recovery times up to 50% and in many cases avoid the chronicization, but it also speeds up the reparative processes. Then used for 2/3 sessions after reaching the therapeutic goal, it also allows a quick recovery of sports performance”.

But the benefits are not limited to this: thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effects, laser therapy facilitates tissue repair and regeneration processes.
Runners, ready to get back on track?

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