I Love Running: risks of intensive running under control

25 September 2020 - Therapies -

Premise: running, other than being a panacea to free your mind from an overbooking of thoughts, allowing you to burn even 1000 calories per hour, is considered a ‘must’ to reactivate the metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Running, however, does not have only merits, especially when the muscles and ligaments of the legs are not trained and the exercising is excessive.

To take the brunt of the pain are especially the feet, which, when too stressed, fall in painful conditions and the inflammation of the nerves of the plant extend up to the heel and ankle.
Raise your hand if you are a runner who did not have to deal at least once with metatarsalgia, tallonitis, bursitis, and plantar fasciitis which, in addition to stopping the training sessions, also had repercussions on the management of everyday life.

How to quickly get back on track without losing the benefits of the training?

Many are the specialists who recommend undergoing Laser therapy, which, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the healing process, producing concrete results from the very first applications.

Testo a Destra
Immagine 30%/Testo 60%
Dr. Jeffrey Adler, DPM

“95% of my patients treated with laser therapy achieve a pain reduction of 80%, managing to quickly recover a good quality of life”

Dr Jeffrey Adler, DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) and director of the podiatric clinic Adler Footcare of Greater New York

By producing controlled thermal effects and always below the danger threshold, laser therapy stimulates biochemical reactions and vasodilation, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients in the treated area, facilitating oedema reabsorption and, thanks to its analgesic action, the quick reduction of pain symptoms.

Testo a Destra
Immagine 30%/Testo 60%
Dr. Mitchell R. Waskin

“Laser therapy effectively alleviates the pain of the foot, but also of the ankle and heel in few sessions. Its anti-inflammatory effect acts on the tissue and accelerates the healing process”

Dr Mitchell R. Waskin, Podiatrist and Medical Director of The Foot & Ankle Center in Richmond

Testo a Sinistra
Immagine 30%/Testo 60%
Dr. Efren Buff De La Rosa

“Laser therapy is indicated for pains and inflammations of the foot that are common among runners and athletes who, in few minutes, can benefit from its beneficial effects”

Dr Efren Buff De La Rosa, podiatrist and surgeon of El Paso

So? Runners and race walkers, the way is clear: getting back to running can be easy, painless, and safe by choosing laser therapy as a treatment.

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