ASA: Honourable Mention at the C2A Award

21 November 2019 - Corporate -

The company from Veneto receives an award at the Creative Communication Award programme in Los Angeles for its campaigns dedicated to the HIRO TT and MiS devices. The award conferred for “Brand identity” is the result of the collaboration with Studio D’Orsi

ASA is on the podium of the “Creative Communication Award” (C2A Prize) with an Honourable Mention for Brand Identity awarded for the “ASAlaser, Product Identities” project. This prestigious international award received by the company was due to the design and image development of the HIRO TT and MiS devices in collaboration with designers from Studio D’Orsi. 

“The TT brand – Giuseppe D’Orsi from the homonymous Studio explains – was created based on the intuition to represent precisely the twofold and parallel action of the laser therapy: two flows with different intensity, and therefore thickness, extend from the horizontal line of the "T" in order to clearly convey the concept from a visual point of view. Instead, the MiS brand was created from the intuition to represent the specific action of the laser on human cells and its uniform and penetrating distribution through tissues”.

The Honourable Mention at the C2A – a programme dedicated to discovering and rewarding excellence in Communication Design at an international level, which also takes into account the commercial aspects of the individual projects, ed. note – represents a new milestone for ASA’s year of 2019, already marked by significant objectives such as the new production facilities inaugurated last October.

“We can only be proud of this award, the result of work by an extraordinary team of professionals who were able to interpret the essence of our therapies, giving it a comprehensible form right from the first glance”, Roberto Marchesini, ASA’s Managing Director commented.

The importance of the Los Angeles Award is further underlined by the calibre of the panel, which consisted of renowned creative talents and of the brands which took part. For example, the other brands awarded together with ASA included top worldwide organisations such as Coca Cola and IBM.

“Design, creativity and product quality must go hand-in-hand according to our vision. Because each device is not just a machine, but represents our company’s philosophy”, Marchesini concludes.

To find out more: C2A, an award for creativity and communication

C2A provides for the selection of the best campaigns, solutions and creative ideas at a global level, awarded by a renowned international panel which decides in various fields: “Design Excellence” (aesthetic, artistic and visual value of the overall design), “Creativity and originality”, “Impact and emotional significance”, “Content”, “Technological innovation”, “Utility” and “Emotional quotient”.

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