“Fast, practical and efficient”: Hilterapia® according to physiotherapist Dr. Caterina Chincoli


She has been using Hilterapia® successfully for 4 years, but to further improve her skills and to optimise results, she did not hesitate to take part in dedicated training courses. Caterina Chincoli, a physiotherapist of the Federazione Italiana Scherma (FIS – Italian Fencing Federation), strongly believes in the importance of training to increase personal professionalism. «Training is crucial” she explains «for keeping a professional continually more prepared, receiving updates on the new physiotherapy procedures and technological innovations that research offers for working at best. The “Corso Master Hilterapia®” (Hilterapia Master Course) that I recently finished is an example, because it helped me obtain more from this therapy, and I could also compare myself with colleagues even from different ambits, always receiving stimuli. The Master Course, in particular, has shown itself to be very useful, above all when treating the “methods of the treatment plan in dynamic”; a method that I have already been applying successfully on athlete performance for a while and which, during training, was confirmed as being extremely valid. With Hilterapia®, I am certain that I have made a good professional choice».

Q. How did you come to know about ASAlaser therapy?
A. Different physiotherapy centres in Rome that I collaborated with were already using Hilterapia® to treat their patients, so I found myself face to face with the therapy, and could verify the benefits daily. This verification continued when I started collaborating with the medical staff of the Federazione Italiana Scherma.

Q. By treating different cases you learned how to test the effectiveness of Hilterapia® directly on the field. According to what you could verify, what are its strong points?
A. ASAlaser therapy has a practical, fast and efficient approach. Its biostimulating, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects improve articular function and painful symptomatology quickly, but with prolonged effects, which benefits the “quoad valetudinem”, coenesthesia and ADL (Activities of Daily Living) of the patient. In the specific case of athletes, it has optimal effects on sports performance, improving athletic feats.

Q. Do these aspects make Hilterapia® different from other types of laser therapy?
A. Yes, certainly. More specifically, power and speed are essential elements for facing painful and inflammatory pathologies of the osteo-muscular-tendon tissue apparatus, both chronic and acute, in the most varied circumstances; Hilterapia®, which unites a good knowledge of physiology and human anatomy with the correct treatment method, creates the perfect solution for intervening quickly. In the specific case of FIS athletes, it is applied under the control of the Federation physiotherapists and staff.

Q. Do you have any practical cases, to give us an example of its value?
A. My experience in the sports ambit urges me to say that athletes, who are always moving physically because of repeated training, often risk problems connected to tiredness and “overuse” of the muscle, articulation and capsule-ligament components. Knowing how to quickly face these situations, above all during the acute phase, is fundamental for preventing physical stress with the resulting pain during competitions. Hilterapia® works exactly in this direction in a completely safe manner, aiming at obtaining the psycho-physical wellbeing of the sportsperson by reducing oedema in the involved body area for example, or increasing the ratio of blood in a contracture to solve it.

Q. Sum up Hilterapia® in 3 words for us, please.
A. Fast, practical and efficient.

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