Austria: ASA & Sport Therapies at the Soccer Club FK Austria Wien

22 October 2020 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

A new workshop dedicated to sports injuries confirms the valuable partnership which connects ASA’s therapies to the world of sports.

The excellence of MLS® and Hilterapia® in the treatment of pathologies linked to carrying out both professional and amateur physical activity was highlighted during the meeting “Treatments in Sport” hosted by the Soccer Club FK Austria Wien (9 October 2020) and organised by Drott, ASA’s local distributor.

“Roberto Terruzzi, ASA’s Senior Export Sales Manager, explains: “the benefits for the athlete treated with the MLS® Laser Therapy devices and with HIRO TT were illustrated to the audience of sports doctors, physiotherapists and masseurs which took part. The theoretical introduction was supported both by a practical session that allowed concretely verifying all the advantages of the therapies and by the speeches of two internationally renowned professionals, long-time satisfied users of our therapeutic solutions”.

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Pain therapy with HIRO TT in healthPi - Austria

Prof. Dr Wolfgang Gruther, specialised in physical medicine and rehabilitation, an expert in non-surgical spine and orthopaedic issues analysed the topic “Pain therapy with HIRO TT in healthPi”, where he pointed out the value of HIRO TT, which he uses on a daily basis in his consulting facilities, while Andreas Tader (BSc) analysed the value of MLS® and Hilterapia®.

“A long-time user of Mphi 5 and of Hiro 3.0 at a renowned private clinic in Vienna which specialises in orthopaedics, Tader underlined the value of the two therapeutic solutions precisely during the rehabilitation and recovery phase following sports issues. A further declaration of merit for our therapies which have long supported the athletes of a variety of contexts throughout every moment of their activity”.

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