First Hilterapia® Master Course in Russia: another success for ASAlaser

25 March 2015 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

A center of excellence - the Russian Scientific Center of Rehabilitation and Curortology in Moscow – has hosted the first Hilterapia® Master Course for a limited number of doctors (15) who have already attended the Tutorial and Advanced courses made by ASAlaser in the Muscovite territory. Thanks to the format of ASA training, after an in-depth lesson, professionals have evaluated the clinical situation of some real patients. The aim of this practical session was to define, thanks to the constant interaction with the Company’s staff, the best protocol for each case.

«This first Master Course – has commented Giacomo Granozio ASAlaser’s Area Manager – is the result of years of training activity in Russia thanks to the collaboration with our partner, Beka RUS. It's a very important result that emphasizes how the training is one of the strong values promoted by the company, proud to have contributed to enhancing the skills of some members of prestigious clinics and healthcare professionals. These prominent figures have confirmed their appreciation in our training support, which promotes the better learning of the therapy and allows to achieve great results in daily practice with Hilterapia®». Results that confirm the excellence of the therapy also in percentage terms. «The participants in the Master - says Lucio Zaghetto, ASAlaser’s CEO - after "Tutorial" and "Advanced" courses have confirmed to have obtained a success rate greater than 90%. At the end of the training day, they were so curious to check the further improvement of their skills applying Hilterapia® on their patients. The Master Course is, therefore, a valuable tool in order to optimize clinical results, providing the answers to treating a larger number of patients and disorders». The purpose of this step of the training is actually giving participants all the know-how needed to develop their own programs and treatment plans. Goal achieved also for Ivan Bukin, Beka Rus Head of Marketing and Communication, who underlines: «ASAlaser is the only company able to develop a specific and performing training directly on site, promoting a new vision and opening new horizons. This is the reason why we receive positive feedback from those who, after the choice of a Hiro 3.0 and an SH1, constantly verifies its effectiveness and wants to maximize his own skills. An increasingly close collaboration with ASAlaser is, therefore, essential to encourage the further spread of Hilterapia® in our country».

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