Federscherma TV: Hilterapia® effective for treating pathologies affecting fencers

07 August 2020 - Corporate -

For knee tendinopathy, as for other trauma and injuries which affect the knee directly, for treating lumbago, upper limb and foot pathologies: Hilterapia® is confirmed as an effective therapeutic solution and, particularly for athletes and sportspeople, a life-saving one, generating concrete results rapidly.

This was detailed during a few episodes of “A Bordo Pedana” (At the side of the piste) -  a sports and medicine program aired by the Federscherma TV channel and hosted by Doctor Antonio Fiore, Physician for FIS (Federazione Italiana Scherma – Italian Fencing Federation) – by several specialists including Mara Mezzalira and Valentina Rivetti, respectively owners and physiotherapists of “Fisiolab 8.14” in Rosà (Vicenza) and of “Centro Virola” in Virola (Brescia).

Thanks to its anti-oedemic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory power, “Hilterapia® is a real panacea for successfully tackling pathologies affecting the foot, from bursitis to metatarsal pain and fractures. In these specific cases, combined with magnetotherapy which acts directly on the bone, it enables achieving valuable results. The same that we can achieve by using it to tackle problems which commonly involve the elbow, wrist and hand such as epicondylitis or carpal tunnel where its muscle relaxant effect contributes to recovering full functionality. Its use during post-surgery is also not minor: Hilterapia® is in fact very useful during recovery, for example by providing stability to the wrist”, Mezzalira explains.  

From upper limb trauma to knee trauma is just a short step away, Valentina Rivetti tells us:

“Hilterapia® is extremely versatile: both when treating knee tendinopathies and other pathologies concerning joints, it is able to produce excellent results, giving its best in emergency situations too, when pain needs to be reduced quickly.  Where its antalgic capacity makes it suitable to deal with SOS situations, its anti-inflammatory, anti-oedemic and bio-stimulating features ensure it is the most suitable therapeutic solution to treat chronic conditions”.

The across-the-board characteristics of Hilterapia® however, are not only given by the various phases of the pathology where it can help, but also by the types of pathologies where it can be employed.

“Due to its specific characteristics –Rivetti concludes – Hilterapia® can be used in “n” directions, both during acute phases and chronic ones, leading to positive effects. I am thinking, for example, of lumbago: Hilterapia® produces immediate relief first of all, rapidly reducing pain and allowing full functional recovery”.


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