Energy for Health #21: MLS® at the forefront

01 October 2021 - Research -

Four case reports dedicated to applying the MLS® therapy, two in the human field (“COVID-19: MLS® Laser Therapy as a therapeutic resource” and “Diabetic foot: MLS® Laser Therapy for healing an ulcer”) and two in the veterinary field (“MLS® Laser Therapy for treating a severe stomatitis” and “MLS® Laser Therapy for managing a necrotic lesion”) are the focus of the new edition of Energy for Health.

Once again for this issue of the magazine published by the Joint Laboratory between ASA’s Research Division and the Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences Department of the University of Florence, the basic research and the clinical studies presented, carried out by both Italian and foreign researchers, doctors and prestigious experts, were selected through a peer review process.

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ASA Research Division
Successful Cases - 26/03/2020
There is a close connection between the growth of ASA and the scientific production in the biomedical field. Since its inception, the company understood how important a role research would play in...
Ulcer wound healing with MiS laser device
T. Viliani, B. Lombardi Energy For Health [21], 2021 The ulcer of the patient was a non-heling ulcer, which did not more react to therapies. In our patient laser treatment with laser MLS®-MiS was...
Before and after MLS - COVID19 laser treatment
L. Cibulka, V. Petrtýlová Energy For Health [21], 2021 MLS® Laser Therapy has the effect of relieving the acute inflammatory manifestations of the so-called cytokine storm, promoting the recovery of...
Hilterapia for ACL treatment and rehabilitation
Blog - 21/10/2021
Undergoing Hilterapia® sessions, in particular, is confirmed useful on a preventive basis, especially when you feel a small muscle or joint discomfort which can be a warning for more serious...
Press - 21/10/2021
Hilterapia® is a particularly valuable therapeutic solution for the prevention and treatment of injuries of the cruciate ligament, as underlined on by Valentina Rivetti, physiotherapist...
Before and After MLS Laser Therapy - Diabetic foot ulcer
Blog - 12/10/2021
After having been tried and widely used for treating wounds with appreciable results, MLS® Laser Therapy with the MiS device provided positive results also when treating a chronic diabetic ulcer.