BioRESEARCH Annual Conference 2019: MLS® and dentistry

01 July 2019 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

Thanks to the opportunity of sharing best practices in the field of dentistry, the BioResearch Annual Conference, which took place at the Saint Kate the Arts Hotel in Milwaukee (USA) from 20th to 22nd June, ranks as a leading appointment for industry professionals.

The conference organised by BioRESEARCH – ASA’s partner for the United States – also offers the possibility to gain a close-up knowledge of methods and therapies of excellence for treating diseases and issues which dental practitioners have to deal with on a daily basis. Among these, MLS® Laser Therapy proved particularly effective for treating temporomandibular disorders.

“The BioRESEARCH Annual Conference – explains Lucio Zaghetto, ASA’s Scientific & Educational Director – represents an occasion for us to bring to the attention of participants the actual benefits of MLS® for effectively treating many diseases encountered in this sector. The Mentor Appointments, one-to-one sessions lasting an hour during which interested professionals can obtain specific information or details concerning our therapeutic solution in order to maximise its results, proved particularly useful to analyse in-depth the uses and application methods of the therapy”.

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