Arab Health 24: ASA presents M-Hi and opens new development channels

15 February 2024 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

On the occasion of Arab Health 2024, ASA focuses on a new presentation format for its devices. In fact, in order to provide maximum visibility and the best dissemination of the strengths of its Therapeutic Solutions, the company preceded its attendance at the fair (Dubai, 29th January – 1st February) with an interesting Partners Meeting. Addressed to its Middle Eastern partners, the meeting gained a positive feedback from all the participants.

“As part of the logic of taking care of an absolutely strategic area for ASA’s development –Damiano Guidolin, General Manager of ASA says – we decided not only to be present at Arab Health with a first class exhibition space, but also to dedicate a specific focus to our partners. In fact, on the eve of the fair we organised a meeting centred on presenting the new M-Hi system and aimed at sharing each other’s experiences. We are very satisfied at having introduced this new engagement formula, which we will repeat again in the future with increased experience, even greater thrust and a touch of creativity, in perfect ASA style!”.

The point of view of Federico Castellani - ASA Sales Director –is the same

“The participants voiced their great satisfaction for the event’s organisation and the quality of the content presented when showcasing M-Hi. The lively and welcoming atmosphere moreover ensured the meeting was a positive experience for everyone”

and so was Giacomo Granozio’s, ASA Education Program Manager -

“A captivating presentation of the new M-Hi system and a hands-on section with the support of our Field Application Specialist, Mata Karagianni, gave life to an actual value-related discussion; the enthusiasm that was generated during the event promises a significant strengthening of relations with our partners”.

But that's not all. During the fair, the ASA systems captured the attention of visitors, who were keen to acquire in-depth knowledge of the underlying technologies, but also of their application methods and the achievable results.

“During the event – Karagianni specifies – I was able to interact with several physiotherapists and doctors from all over the world on topics of primary interest such as integrating high power laser technology in their daily work. The desire to find out more was great, as was the awareness of wanting to open up to new solutions able to concretely support their profession".

That Arab Health was thus a showcase of excellence for ASA’s therapies and devices was also confirmed by the data concerning the number of visitors to the stand, attracted by its evocative design as well.

“Our backlit stand with impactful images on the walls and the automated Magnetotherapy system constantly working greatly captured the attention of the participants. An attraction that was then translated into strongly positive feedback, underlining the appeal of our devices for the market”, Granozio points out.

Taking part in the Dubai exhibition also had other merits, such as having further increased ASA’s brand reputation from an international perspective as well as from a local one.

“Arab Health – Cinzia Pacini, ASA Area Manager underlines - also represented an important occasion to meet the major players in the region and to present our Therapeutic Solutions to the most important hospitals and organisations in the Middle East”.

The positive evaluation at the “fair end” represents a springboard towards new goals for the company, whose focal point will always be the patient.

“This edition of Arab Health ends with a “plus” sign thanks mainly to our devices, destined to revolutionise the world of physiotherapy: healthcare operators and patients will be able to explore new frontiers in medical treatment, unleashing all the potential of laser therapy”, Castellani concludes.

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