14TH ALA Conference: MLS® and lymphoedema: the focus of a seminar

09 June 2022 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

MLS® Laser Therapy and its devices are among the protagonists of the “14th ALA Conference” (Hobart – Tasmania) thanks to the participation of the local distributor Heal With Laser, a long-term partner of the Australian Lymphology Association, sponsor of the Conference and organiser of a pre-meeting speed on the topic “Using laser therapy to treat and manage lymphoedema: proof and practice”. 

The seminar, by Dr. Kate Perkins, owner of “Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphatic Solutions” and a long-time user of the M6 device, presented an MLS® treatment method combined with other methods and some clinical cases solved using ASA-branded therapy.

“Already in the past, Dr. Sharon Tilley, Physiotherapist at the “Lymphoedema and Laser Therapy clinic” in Adelaide, has pointed out how MLS® could be a valuable support in the treatment of lymphoedema. Dr. Perkins’ speech - explains Giacomo Granozio, ASA Area Manager – further confirms its value, also emphasised by an articulate case history presented during the meeting”.


Catherine Norton, CEO and founder of Heal With Laser, adds:

“During the workshop, prominence was also given to the research carried out by the team from Hasselt University, consisting of Jolien Robijns, Joy Lodewijckx and Jeroen Mebis: we consider their research to be a guiding light in this sector. While photobiomodulation is widely recognised for the effective treatment of wounds, for the reduction of musculoskeletal pain and for the accelerations of healing processes, the innovative use of MLS® for the treatment of issues related to COVID-19 was also discussed during the seminar, as proven by Dr. Scott Sigman's clinical study. His work was truly pioneering and has allowed many European specialists to replicate his insight: laser therapy is now successfully used to treat post-COVID patients”.

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