Forget backache thanks to laser therapy

15 November 2019 - Therapies -

If you have suffered from backache at least once in your life, you are in good company.

Over 15,000,000 Italians have in fact stated that they have had to come to terms with the pain which radiates from the lumbar region to affect the lumbosacral and sacroiliac areas, sometimes significantly limiting physical movement with an important impact on managing daily life. It is no coincidence that lumbago is considered to be one of the major issues affecting society, involving considerable management “costs” for the Health Service: the suffering it generates in fact leads to a growth in absences from work (75-85% of cases) and to an increase in the number of visits to GPs.

The causes

If we – really – have to give it a good point, it is that of being an “equal” issue, as it has no distinction for age, physical condition (sufferers include sportspeople as well as sedentary people) and gender, affecting both men and women indiscriminately. The underlying causes are instead mainly linked to excessive muscle strain during sports activities or when carrying out non-sedentary work, which requires moving or lifting a considerable weight. To quickly resolve the pain and recover movement, the most effective solution is to integrate medication and physiotherapy, resorting both to manipulation sessions and to instrumental therapies. Among the latter, laser therapy has proved to be particularly effective as it is able to significantly decrease pain and improve the spine’s efficiency thanks to its analgesic, decontracting and anti-inflammatory effects.

A case history

One of the many case histories which confirms its value is that of Mr F.E. who immediately felt pain in the sacroiliac area after lifting a pack of tiles. In order to understand its origin, he underwent medical observation and an MRI, which led to a diagnosis of the presence of a flattening of the lumbar spine’s natural curve. Medical advice led to laser therapy treatment (Hilterapia®, ed. note), which provided a significant improvement in pain at rest right from the first sessions. Where after the fourth session the patient was able to resume work, after the twelfth the symptom had completely disappeared and joint mobility had improved.

“Laser therapy – Cristian Esposito, the massage physiotherapist and kinesiologist who followed the case, points out – not only allowed achieving an effective in-depth therapeutic action, but also speeding up the tissue repair processes”.

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