Interview with Sergey Zuev: "ASAlaser’s therapies and devices are unique!"


Effective therapies, scientific research, and customized training represent three excellences of the ASAlaser’s approach. It is, in fact, focused on providing valid therapeutic solutions (also proven by scientific studies) and training support to facilitate their correct application. The training platform developed by the company, after being successfully tested in Italy, has been optimized for the foreign countries, to fortify the international MLS® and Hilterapia® spreading. Expert trainers allow the attendances to ASAlaser’s courses and Master classes to better understand the use of our therapies and devices through ad hoc teaching materials (such as 3D videos, tablet app), with benefits for their daily practice. The direct experience of Sergey Zuev, Neurologist and Head of BEKA Clinical Department, witnesses it.

Q. Considering your long experience in Hilterapia® training activities, why (and how much) do you consider important the participation in ASAlaser’s Master Classes and courses? Who should attend them?
A. Medicine never stands still. Any professionals (Doctors, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitologists and others) need additional educational courses. Their participation to the Master Class of ASAlaser allows the specialist to improve their educational level with the latest information. Of course, this will give higher results from their patients’ treatment.

Q. From your privileged point of view, which are the strength points of ASAlaser’s educational and training activities?
A. Medical training through Master Classes of ASAlaser based on evidence-based medicine. Biochemical processes in the body during Hilterapia® treatment, have been studied by Italian laboratories and worldwide Universities allowing our specialists to understand the treatment process and to get the maximum effect during the rehabilitation.

Q. How do the participants find the training? Which are the specific advantages for them?
A. After training courses, all the participants are grateful to the organizers for the provided information. The courses of ASAlaser always gives an interesting, modern and useful information for everyone.

Q. Do you think there can be some improvements to make it more profitable and suitable to participants needs?
A.Each Master Class is specifically addressed to the target group of the professionals attending the course. I would like to hold similar program not only in Moscow. The experience of the training in Irkutsk can be a good example.

Q. From your point of view, what are the characteristics that make of Hilterapia® a unique therapy?
A. Removal of the pain at the first session with Hilterapia®. Prolonged effect of the treatment. Pronounced anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect. The lack of discomfort from the treatment and no side effects.

Q. HIRO 3.0 and SH1: please give us your evaluation of the devices in terms of usage (easy to use / intuitive application modalities) and technology (differences with competitors...).
A. Using lasers HIRO 3.0 or SH 1 is very simple. All information are presented on the touch screen. If you are a novice user, in the software of the device there are all the treatment recommendations with all necessary modalities for treatment. If you are an experienced user - you can set the required settings and save them. I do not know of any other High Intensity lasers with these characteristics and such effects! HIRO 3.0 or SH1 from ASAlaser are unique!

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