Dr. Ronald Lederman - Orthopedic Surgeon


Dr. Ronald Lederman is an orthopedic surgeon. He runs a busy practice in this medical building just north of Detroit. With a staff of 25, the Lederman center uses all the standard tools for pain relief and healing. And now it offers something new: MLS® laser therapy.

D. How does it work?
R. And after going through the different scientific studies, a lot of them out of Harvard, I was intrigued by the impact this, this light energy has on the cells. And to be able to decrease the inflammation pathway, and the swelling on a site or level, it makes sense that you thereby decrease the pain.

D. Who can benefit from MLS® Laser Therapy?
R. Even primary care doctors who may have a greater scope in their practice than just listening to the heart and lungs but take on an actual treatment approach to the orthopedic or muscular skeletal arena. I see a tremendously broad application throughout the entire medical community.

D. How many treatments will I need?
R. We are successfully treating young high school athletes with an acute ankle sprain that want to get back to sport sooner, and it looks like this laser treatment, after three treatments, 90% of their pain has gone, whereas it might have taken another 2 or 3 weeks. That’s a lifetime to a 16 year old who’s about to miss half the football season.

D. Is it possible that MLS® laser therapy won’t work for me?
R. What we’re finding is 90% of our patients are achieving almost 90% relief of their symptoms, which is unheard of.

D.What are the strengths of MLS®? What are its results?
R. We’re now offering this new technology, not invasive, laser treatment, which has no side effects, there’s no burning, no heat, no rashes, and these people are getting better. So, in a sense this has revolutionized my practice. Whereas I would have to say, throw up my hands and say I’m sorry there’s nothing else I can offer you’ we now have something to offer these patients. 90% of them are getting dramatically better.

D. Do you consider MLS® effective?
R. What we’re finding is 90% of our patients are achieving almost 90% relief of their symptoms, which is unheard of.

Dr. Lederman used it first on his own mother who was suffering from debilitating pain.

D. When do you use MLS® for the first time?
R. I was in San Diego at our annual Academy meeting when she called me. She called to tell me she had 2 treatments so far, and she went from a 9 out of 10 pain to 1 out of 10 pain. She told me that almost all of her pain was gone. So I immediately called the office and I said ‘We’re on’.

The laser has been in constant use ever since, relieving pain and promoting healing.

D. How does MLS® works? In which cases, have you use it?
R. This dual action, low energy light laser actually increases the mitochondrial activity of the cell. What that means is it creates a super-cell which promotes healing. So now, not only are we offering this laser for patients to eliminate painful conditions, and some of these patients by the way have called us to cancel scheduled surgeries, but we’re also offering it to patients who have had surgeries, and we’re finding that they’re healing faster. And my best guesstimate is that we are seeing a 50% reduction in the healing time.

D. What is the value of therapy for your work?
R. Every day I come to work, I feel like I have my ace in the hole. As we offer this to patients, and as more and more patients sign up for it, we are getting more and more positive response from these patients and it’s changed the way we are practicing orthopedics.

D. Have you personally tested MLS®? What do you think about it?
R. I put myself under this laser the day after we got it, I did my shoulder and my knee and that night I realized that I had no pain in my shoulder or knee after one treatment. It works.

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