Beyond the daily use of laser therapy: the experience of Ilia Todorov, ASA Trainer

What benefits have you experienced from using ASA devices in your clinical practice?

In comparison with the other types of devices a great advantage is the opportunity to start working from the acute phase. The MLS® patented technology allows to work on the anatomical structures with minimal thermal load. The other great effect is the pain relief, which happens immediately - so important for the patients! And with MiS device, we have the therapeutic effects at a new level with even shorter treatment times. It is a very powerful device. Some of the patients name the first session "the miracle" as they find it difficult to understand how such a quick relief from pain is possible.

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Ilia Todorov - MiS laser therapy

Assoc. Prof. Ilia Todorov, MD, PhD - Head of the clinic of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at Heart and Brain Center of Excellence in Burgas, Bulgaria

What does it mean to you to be an ASA trainer? As you get to meet different audiences from a variety of backgrounds, do you feel that the feedback and the therapeutic approach tend to be more similar between them, or more diverse?

I am proud to be an ASA trainer, because I am truly convinced that the devices work and help people. I enjoy the opportunity to meet with colleagues from all over the world and to discuss and work together with ASA devices. I share with them my clinical experience and personal approach: I usually receive a lot of questions which proves the interest of the audience. I come back from every trip with something new that I have actually learned for myself - it is a constant self-improvement process. There is a big diversity in the clinical approach in the different parts of the world, explained by the differences in the medical education and cultural tradition. But in the end, we are all pursuing one and the same goal.

How would you rate the level of knowledge worldwide regarding the principles of laser therapy and its biological effects?

Most of the colleagues have just a general knowledge that is not sufficient for successful clinical work with the devices. They are also not familiar with the latest developments of scientific research in the field of laser therapy. And from this point comes the major purpose of the training sessions - to share with them the important details, to show how to approach the patient and how to fully exploit the devices, to direct their clinical thinking. With those provided, the devices become real powerful tools for achieving the medical goals.

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