ASAlaser’s fan: a Venezuelan center purchases all the therapies of the Company. Interview with the two owners: Mrs. Monica Briceno and Mrs. Marlyn Gómez


Hilterapia®, MLS® Laser Therapy and Magnetotherapy Qs: the health center specialized in regeneration and physiotherapy "Benessere Salud" in Caracas (Venezuela) believes on the full range of ASAlaser’s therapeutic proposals supported by “their effectiveness and reliability proved by studies and scientific researches”. This is confirmed by Mrs. Monica Briceno and Mrs. Marlynb Gómez – Center owners - who daily enjoy the support of these three therapies to treat musculoskeletal disorders causing joint stiffness and disability. A precious help when a fast recovery is required. The two professionals, convinced advocates of the laser therapy value in the treatment of painful and inflammatory conditions, have chosen ASAlaser after being consulted with a laser therapy specialist, knowing and using the company's solutions for a long time. «ASAlaser – they explain – has been recommended by Dr. Angela Romano, our laser therapy specialist who had just successfully tested their therapeutic solutions and devices. Subsequently, we have contacted Mr.Antonio Fernandez of Sapiens Medica company, ASAlaser’s exclusive dealer for Venezuela, who has firstly presented us Hilterapia®, its indications and several advantages». After that meeting, the escalation.

Q. Your center has gradually chosen to have all ASAlaser’s therapeutic solutions. It is an important recognition of the seriousness and value of the company...
A. Most of the therapies and devices of our Center coming from ASAlaser because reliable and with high value regarding effectiveness and quality. Company's research investments give further credibility to its therapies demonstrating their effectiveness concretely, and the improvement of its devices making them ever more efficient, have represented an additional incentive to our choice.

Q. In details, what makes Hilterapia® unique? For which disorders is it particularly effective?
A. Hilterapia® is unique in the panorama of therapeutic lasers because it also contributes to the tissues regeneration. An important plus for our patients with chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis and arthritis that may have pain relief from the first sessions.

Q. Compared with your daily experience, do you remember a specific case where you have obtained considerable results using it?
A. There are many medical cases that can be mentioned, like older patients with worn spine discs. They suffered from constant pain and muscle cramps in the lumbar area and few sessions with ASAlaser’s therapy have been enough to reduce substantially their pain and cramps, granting them a better life quality.

Q. Your clinic can also count on the support of MLS®: what makes it different from other laser therapies?
A. Like Hilterapia® also MLS® is unrivaled. Making the difference is the ability to work simultaneously on two areas, using simultaneously the robotic head of the device and the manual probe. A considerable comfort for our activity

Q. When does MLS® Laser Therapy offer the best results considering the cases that you have treated?
A. This Laser Therapy is the top in treating athletes who have to deal with accidents occurred during sports activities such as, for instance, distortions, muscle cramps, bruises. Their recovery, treating them with MLS®, is very quick with visible results from the first application.

Q. Among the therapies you have chosen there is also the Magnetotherapy Qs: when do you use this ASAlaser solution?
A. Usually we use the Magneto Therapy in patients with vascular injuries, arthritis, arthrosis and issues on their legs, having excellent results.

Q. Having in your Center all the ASAlaser’s therapies do you find effective combining their effect? If so, in which clinical condition and how do you realize this combined treatment?
A. Definitely yes, we combine the treatments for a better and faster recovery of the patient. For instance, in a patient with knee arthrosis or deep pain, we have combined the MLS® for chronic pain, along with the Hilterapia® to favor the cartilage regeneration and reduce the swelling. Finally, we have also used the Magnetotherapy to reduce even more the swelling and get a better blood irrigation in the joints.

Q. Important results have been proven by the numerous studies and research carried out by ASAlaser: how much these available scientific data have been important in your choice?
A. Having the support of dedicated research has been fundamental in the choice of therapies and devices. We think, for instance, to Hilterapia® system, the first one we have bought. During the final decision, it has further convinced us verifying that, based on several studies, the therapy has been proved capable of regenerating the tissue of the muscles and joints, reducing pain in patients with multiple pathologies and, in some cases, avoiding the surgical operation, saving long phases of recovery.

Q. You have repeatedly underlined the merits of the therapies, also mentioning to the devices. Can you give us an evaluation of them?
A. They are extremely simple to use, highly versatile thanks to the use of technology easy to understand and helpful in facilitating our daily activities: through the available protocols, we can get very good results, in total safety for the patient.

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