World Athletics Championships in Doha: MLS® in support of Chinese athletes

25 October 2019 - Corporate -

MLS® Laser Therapy confirms its value for treating sports pathologies, for preparing for highly-taxing physical performances and for cooling down muscles after the competition. This is stated by the athletes and the medical staff of the Chinese delegation which took part in the 17th edition of the IAAF World Championships (Doha - 27 September/6 October).

The athletes in fact made use of ASA’s therapy in order to best tackle the competitions.

Yu Wang – a high jump specialist – tells us that an hour before the competition he undergoes treatment with Mphi 75, defining it a “boon for reducing inflammations and for its analgesic powers”. Zhiyao Rong from the Chinese medical staff also underlines the value of MLS® Laser Therapy, deeming it a “valid and useful support for athletes involved in the challenge for the podium”.

The Doha World Championships however are just the latest appointment where the MLS® and sports partnership demonstrated all its value.
In fact, during the course of the Asian Athletics Championships (21/24 April, Doha, Qatar), ASA and its laser devices supported the 33 CAA (Chinese Athletic Association) athletes, winners of 29 medals, including 9 gold ones. 

“For both sports events – explains Giacomo Granozio, ASA’s Export Area Manager – our therapeutic solutions enabled a fast functional recovery and acted on reducing the pain suffered by the sportspeople, allowing them to tackle each challenge at their best”.

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