Taiwan: new input from the market

02 October 2023 - Training -

Taiwan is confirmed as a market of interest for both ASA’s divisions. This is confirmed by the recent visit of company staff to the country, where, with the support of the local distributors for the vet and the human sectors, they were able to meet new parties of interest.

“In particular, together with colleagues from Gaia, our partner for the human sector – Beniamino Caruso, ASA Area Manager explains – I visited some hospitals and clinics which have chosen our devices for their daily practice. At the Changua Christian Hospital in Taichung, which has had the SH1 device for about two years, not only was I able to give a training session dedicated to Hilterapia®, but I was also able to read some scientific articles dedicated to the therapy and included in our company website together with the participants: a valuable opportunity to collect feedback and to promote a proactive discussion. Additionally, it was a valid opportunity to answer questions aimed at an in-depth analysis of its use”.

Il tour then continued with a visit to a hospital near Pingtung, where the M6 robotic device is mainly used for treating wounds and burns, and then to a physiotherapy Clinic in Taichung, a long-time user of HIRO TT and M6.

“The owner of the facility strictly stated that as far as laser was concerned, his counterparty could only be ASA, recognising the excellence and effectiveness of the solutions proposed, which he acknowledges as the best on the market.

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Taichung clinic with HIRO TT & M6

The mission to Taiwan ended in Taipei, where 35 physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals took part in a meeting dedicated to MLS® Laser Therapy and to MiS, the focus of a body of research presented during the meeting. A meeting that was also able to count on a speech by Doctor Sam, a Physiotherapy graduate from USC and a user of the Mphi 75 laser and of the Hiro 3.0 device, with a solid experience in using the ASA therapies.

“We are very satisfied with the results obtained during this week in Taiwan, which ended marked by a series of plans. Indeed, many challenges await us and there are many initiatives already agreed with our dealer, who is willing to implement on site interventions, particularly from a training point of view”, concludes Caruso.

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