Seoul: KIMES showcase for Hilterapia® and MLS® laser devices

17 March 2022 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

“In recent years, the South Korean market – explains Giacomo Granozio, ASA Area Manager – has become fond of Hilterapia® which, thanks to its obvious therapeutic results, has won the trust of Korean physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals, carving out a niche for itself. During the 2022 edition of Kimes, for the first year, the HILT® impulse shared the parterre with MLS®, a much-awaited new entry for the local sector. This means a new era for our brand, which will be able to spread its presence in the country with both therapeutic solutions”.

During the “Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show” (Seoul, 10-13 March 2022), co-protagonists at the Asian Star stand (ASA local distributor) were M6 and MiS, which joined HIRO 3.0 and HIRO TT, expanding and completing the therapeutic offer for the Korean market.

Daniel Oh, director of Asian Star, explains:

"This edition of Kimes was held face to face despite Covid-19: unfortunately, there were fewer visitors than in the past due to the recent increase in positive cases; however, since South Korea is a society with a high number of elderly people, the doctors and the public present were very interested in rehabilitation techniques, especially in MLS® and Hilterapia®. I hope that this pandemic will end soon, so that seminars and conferences can be held normally, giving us the opportunity to pick up where we left off. Personally, I expect customers to be very eager to learn more about the use of new medical technologies that best meet patients’ needs and help them recover”.

Granozio feels the same and points out:

“It was a real shame that we were not able to visit the exhibition in person due to international travel restrictions; our partner made a very elegant stand to promote our various therapeutic solutions. However, daily contacts and growing web activities are making our cooperation on site stronger every day, such that we have launched MLS® Laser Therapy on this market, which we expect will bring exciting results, at least as much as Hilterapia®.”

Tutto Schermo
KIMES 2022 - ASA Booth

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