A comic strip tells the story of the new everyday lives of physiotherapists

17 June 2020 - Corporate -

The reassessment of personal relationships and of some work practices is among the main impacts of COVID-19.

In particular, physiotherapy professionals have had to establish a new way of approaching patients which aims to provide reassurance. From sanitising environments to the PPE to be worn, rules have come into play which spell out every phase of the meeting.

To imagine the post-emergency work routine of physiotherapists, ASA has developed the cartoon strip “Getting back to physiotherapy | A new routine” which visualises the various steps which mark the professional-patient relationship in a simple and immediate manner.

“From the welcoming moment to the treatment phase – explains Carlo Marchesini, ASA’s Marketing Manager – the strip synthesises in a clear, simple and reassuring manner, the numerous procedures adopted in physiotherapy centres throughout the world in order to ensure the utmost safety of the patient. As it is short, it is suitable to be remembered without difficulty: a tool we have thought up for our partners so that they may share it with their customers and patients in order that they should be more aware of everything that is implemented during the everyday routine to protect the health of all”.

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