Czech Republic: Hilterapia® in Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

20 September 2023 - Training -

The effects of Hilterapia® in acute and chronic joint issues were the focus of the seminar "Therapeutic Methods in Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine" carried out by ASA staff in the Czech Republic (Brno) with the support of Dr Wolfang Gruther.

The speech by the Medical Director of the HealthPi Center in Vienna, a recognised specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, was preceded by a speech by Giacomo Granozio (Education Program Manager ASA) and centred on the scientific evidence of the reparative and regenerative effect of the HILT® pulse on tissues, with a direct action on cells - osteoblasts and chondrocytes - with an antigravity function.

There was an evident involvement shown by the participants, who were specifically interested in learning more about the advanced treatment methods of Hilterapia® explained by Dr Gruther.

The specialist also highlighted how the use of this therapy allows the effective treatment of the main acute and chronic conditions that can affect the joints of the upper and lower limbs.

“Last but not least - underlines Granozio - the speaker also explained how to integrate our therapeutic proposal with other solutions, including shock waves and PRP injections”.

Finally, the practical session which allowed those present to concretely verify the theoretical aspects explained during the training day provided further value to the meeting.

“The extensive list of questions from the participants at the end of the seminar is confirmation of its success: all the participants said they were extremely satisfied with the information received and ready to put it to work to optimise their daily practice”, concludes Granozio. 

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