Chile, theoretical-practical course for ASA therapies

03 August 2019 - Training -

Santiago de Chile was chosen as the city to host the course ‘Teorico-practico de Laserterapia MLS® y Hilterapia® organized by ASA with the local partner Andover Alianza Medica.

On 25 July, 30 physiotherapists and physiatrists from all over the state were present to meet the company’s speakers, interested in learning more about the application of ASA therapies. 

‘The event was organized into an initial section dedicated to the presentation of MLS® and a subsequent one centred on Hilterapia® with, as a corollary, a practical part, which is always useful for a better understanding’ explains Karla Salazar, ASA Export Area Manager. 

To make the hands-on part even more interesting, there were 8 patients suffering from different pathologies, treated by the course participants with the supervision of the ASA staff. 
At the end of the meeting there was a plenary session of questions to resolve doubts and give useful instructions for the best use of the two therapeutic solutions. 

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