ASA 40: The launch of new devices and celebrations with our partners at Medica

02 December 2023 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

The occasion to best celebrate ASA’s 40th birthday could only be Medica. The fair in Düsseldorf in fact represented the occasion to share this important milestone with both loyal and new customers. Where the daily Meetings with our Commercial Partners from all over the world – concluded by giving a commemorative plaque – laid the foundations for the 2024 activity, the evening aperitifs instead allowed us to celebrate this fortieth birthday together with our partners.

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Carlo Marchesini ASA - Medica 2023

“The choice of Medica as the stage for ending this important year for our company has a twofold value: on the one hand it was to thank everyone who contributed to the development and consolidation of ASA worldwide; on the other it represented a salute to this fair, where we have always premiered our devices” Carlo Marchesini, ASA Marketing Manager states.

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Medica 2023 - ASA40 partner celebration

A strategy that ASA also held in 2023, precisely by launching two new products, M-Hi and HIRO, officially being distributed from 2024, and an update of the long-running Qs Magnetotherapy, during the event.

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Federico Castellani ASA - Medica 2023

“In particular, these newborn Solutions – Federico Castellani, ASA Sales Director states – pave the way for new development projects aimed at markets we regard as interesting. It’s time for new challenges for ASA, which is ready to project itself into the future thanks to the contribution of all its employees and of El.En, whose General Manager Paolo Salvadeo joined us at the stand during the Fair to raise a toast with us”. A Fair whose outcome was “beyond all expectations”, Castellani confirms. 
“The number of visitors to our stand was significant thanks to a series of factors. The position of our exhibition space in the Physiotherapy pavilion was certainly important, as was the high innovation level of the new technologies presented, supported by the precise explanations and information supplied by the ASA staff. 
Without a doubt, the evening aperitifs for celebrating the company’s 40th birthday also contributed to stimulate interest.”

Giuseppe D’Orsi, owner and Creative Director of the same-named studio in Friuli which has supported ASA in developing its image and corporate communication since 2017, also agrees.

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Gisueppe D'Orsi - Medica 2023

“Medica, with all the physiological difficulties that fair events involve, remains an important moment in ASA’s life. This year with the launch of two important products such as M-Hi and Hiro, the company’s image has been strengthened as innovative and able to excel with care, style and know-how. Values that we also tried to express in the stand: in fact, we showcased a simple structural set-up but one that was very attractive and with a strong impact in communicating its content”.

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