MLS® Laser Therapy effective in reducing pain from musculoskeletal pathologies

14 October 2019 - Research -

A very interesting field of research for the medical profession is that of reducing pain deriving from wounds, chronic articular pathologies and post-op recovery, in order to favour recovery of the best quality of life for the patient and to support experts involved in patient care and management.

There are many techniques currently used to limit suffering; one of the leading ones consists in drug treatment based on the use of opiates or cortisone, which however can have more or less marked side effects.

With the aim of identifying alternative therapies with respect to the ones currently used, many studies are continuing to be carried out which have led to identifying MLS® Laser Therapy as an effective technique for reducing pain, thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects

The study

This is demonstrated by a retrospective study carried out by Doctor Douglas Kiburz – an orthopaedist in a specialised US Centre – who treated more than 200 patients suffering from 11 types of different musculoskeletal pathologies with ASA’s Laser Therapy, to then evaluate its effect on the pain and on the satisfaction for the results achieved. The comparison of their condition before and after treatment showed a pain reduction after 3 sessions in approximately 46% of cases, and of 55% after 6 sessions.

The improvement in the level of pain together with the patients’ positive assessment in terms of satisfaction for the outcome of the applications are objective criteria of the value of MLS® Laser Therapy, which is confirmed as a suitable therapeutic solution to significantly reduce pain in musculoskeletal pathologies.

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