Magnetotherapy: improves healing in peripheral nerves

10 October 2019 - Research -

Identifying new strategies to promote nerve regeneration in the peripheral nervous system is a leading issue for modern neuroscientific research, which has identified magnetotherapy as a possible valid approach to treat this problem during the development of targeted studies, investigations and exams.

For example, some tests carried out by ASAcampus in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Science at the University of Milan, studied the effects and safety of exposing rat nerve cells to magnetotherapy. In particular, an in vitro model of axonal integrity with Schwann cells was used, subsequently assessing the cell vitality and proliferation, the migration capability and the specific myelin markers, following exposure to magnetic fields with varying parameters.

The results obtained indicated that the therapy is not toxic for the treated cells, even when undergoing repeated exposures, a condition which is similar to a normal treatment cycle. It can therefore be concluded that magnetotherapy could represent a valid solution to improve healing in peripheral nerves.

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