International Six Days Enduro: Fisiovan 8.14 selected MLS® Laser Therapy to support Andrea Verona

27 September 2022 - Therapies -

Mphi75, one of the cutting-edge equipment by ASA, was also at the 96th edition of the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE, held from 29th August to 3rd September, in Le Puy-en-Velay) which saw Great Britain take the first place, followed by Team Italia, which won the second place, beating Spain by fifty-three hundreds of a second.

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Laserterapia MLS per Andrea Verona - ISDE 2022

Mphi75 is in fact one of the laser therapy systems used in Fisiovan 8.14, Italy’s first mobile clinic for physiotherapy, which supported the first pilot of the "red helmets" team in the pre- and post-race phases. Five-time World Champion Andrea Verona was the first to take advantage of the prompt support provided on-site by Mara Mezzalira and Emanuele Farina, physiotherapists, founders of Fisiolab 8.14, and creators of Fisiovan 8.14. The relationship between the physiotherapy centre based in Rosà (VI) and the pilot of the GASGAS Factory Team was established well before the competition that every year awards the title of Enduro World Champion to National Teams.

Prevention & Maintenance

“We have been following Andrea for years, explains Farina, and together we have developed a functional method to preserve his musculoskeletal well-being, with the purpose of making him as performing as possible in training and especially during the race. Prevention and maintenance are the two pillars at the base of this approach, which combines a continuous physiotherapy intervention plan with activities developed in collaboration with a personal trainer. With one goal in mind: act before the symptom of a possible pathology becomes evident to ensure that the athlete's health condition is always ideal. Andrea is a pioneer in putting this into practice, as he is well aware that taking care of his body before more or less serious problems arise is crucial for the longevity of his career”.

With this goal in mind, Verona weekly meets with its physiotherapists, and tells them about any “abnormal” physical sensations so that they may interpret and assess them.

“I have an actual diary dedicated to Andrea, in which I record all the inputs he gives us: this mapping gives us a picture of his physical situation virtually in real-time, which allows us to intervene early”.

The modus operandi is explained by Verona himself:

"A couple of years ago – he says - I started a program with Fisiolab 8.14 based on prevention and maintenance of physical condition. With Emanuele, my reference physiotherapist, we do recovery sessions before and after the race in order to "lighten" the body and, at the same time, prevent those possible problems that may occur if I neglected the sensations I feel. The value of prevention is crucial for everyone, and even more so for a sports person like me, because it allows me to get to races or other appointments feeling relaxed and without worrying about experiencing problems or pain during the activity.”

If prevention is therefore an "X-factor" not to be underestimated, then maintenance is no less important.

“Taking remedial actions when the critical situation is evident is never the desired solution because not only will the physical condition be at its worst and the pain the patient feels at its maximum, but also it may take longer to recover. To avoid this, structuring an ongoing maintenance program, to be followed even if one feels fine, should be the rule. Andrea understood this, and the results are more than encouraging”.

The pilot himself gives further feedback on this:

“I am convinced that prevention is better than cure, so keeping the body free from overloads and ailments helps prevent them from creating other, perhaps more critical, problems”.

ISDEE 2022

The champion’s performance at ISDE, where the pilot arrived in good physical conditions but with an objectively relevant psychological burden, highlights the fact that this method has positive repercussions. 

“I arrived at Six Days mentally motivated and physically prepared as I was coming from a series of world cup races that had gone well. In the weeks running up to the competition, Emanuele and I worked to maintain the physical condition at its best despite some difficulties related to falls during the world championship races. During the Six Days, I had no particular problems; however, my physiotherapist decided to carry on with the post-race sessions to avoid excessive overloads, given the length of the competition”.

Farina confirms that everything went well during the race.

“Only on the first day did Andrea complain about a slight cervical problem that had started affecting him in Hungary, which, however, did not negatively influence his performance. In the same way, the overload on the left forearm that occurred on the third day did not affect him either. We intervened in both cases manually and by applying MLS® Laser Therapy, which combines perfectly with the manipulations and allows managing the acute phases very well, promoting a quick recovery. This was also confirmed by the patient, who had no problems continuing in the competition”.

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Andrea Verona - ISDE 2022

Verona himself stresses that MLS® Laser Therapy "did its job in the best possible way":

“due to a small cervical problem resulting from a fall during a previous race, for which I had begun to experience a slight overload, we decided to act to prevent it from turning into something more annoying in the following days. Emanuele treated me with MLS® Laser Therapy: the result was excellent because not only was the discomfort greatly relieved, but, even more importantly, it never increased in the following days. The problem on the left forearm was dealt with differently, but equally effectively: during the race it was handled manually and at the end I did an MLS® session. Also in this case, the result was excellent, and the problem was solved”.

Fisiovan 8.14

Mphi75 and MLS® were not only of help to professional super-athletes, but also to "amateurs”, who attended the competition and at the end of the day complained of several aches and pains.

“We dealt with several of them, some were even treated every day. Many have understood how maintaining physiotherapy sessions is crucial to continue to do sports in the best possible way, without being forced to stop due to a neglected or underestimated problem. Farina points out that the golden rule remains "prevention and maintenance" 

and explains that Fisiovan 8.14 not only travels between one sports competition to another, but also stops at companies.

Tutto Schermo
Fisiovan 8.14 - ISDE 2022

“The pandemic has changed paradigms, teaching us that services should approach people and not necessarily the other way round. For this reason, with Fisiovan 8.14 we are creating projects with companies, in which a considerable concentration of people is objectively found. More specifically, we offer companies a screening linked to the musculoskeletal aspect of each worker and then provide an overview of the health of the staff so that a possible intervention plan can then be structured. This service has been welcomed by several companies that have understood its value: the well-being of human resources coincides with that of the company”.

Following the partnerships signed with several companies, Fisiolab 8.14 is now ready to launch a second mobile clinic dedicated to physiotherapy.

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