Hilterapia® for effective treatment of intersection syndrome: a case report

20 February 2020 - Research -

Intersection syndrome is a painful pathology of the forearm and wrist which mainly occurs among people who do sports (motorcycling, tennis, rowing, cross-country skiing, basketball) or jobs which involve repetitive wrist and thumb movements.

Because of these repeated movements, the tendons in the thumb tend to get inflamed at the point where they cross the tendons of the carpus. To fight inflammation during the acute phase, rest, abstaining from the actions which caused the pathology, an anti-inflammatory therapy and, in extreme cases, local infiltrations and manual and instrumental physiotherapy sessions, are recommended.

The recent article “Management of intersection syndrome in professional motorcycle rider: a case report”, by the Mobile Clinic  (the mobile hospital which looks after Motorcycle GP and Superbike pilots) confirmed that the use of Hilterapia® is an additional instrument which helps to treat intersection syndrome, contributing, together with a brace and manual therapy sessions, to the patient’s full recovery even under mechanically stressful conditions, such as for example returning to intense sports activities which involve the tendon.

The result which was reached is the outcome of the analysis of a case of a professional biker who suffered intense wrist pain and swelling after training sessions, who was diagnosed with the intersection syndrome. In order to properly treat the athlete, rest, the use of a brace, NSAIDs, physical therapy, Hilterapia® sessions and physical exercise were prescribed. The adopted therapeutic protocol allowed the motorcyclist to resolve the symptoms completely and to return to his training sessions and professional races at full throttle with lasting results (5 months). ASA’s therapy therefore confirmed its full effectiveness in treating this pathology as well.


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