Hilterapia® effective for haemophilic ankle arthropathy in children

07 November 2019 - Research -

A recent randomised controlled trial on a sample of 40 children between the ages of 8 and 16 suffering from haemophilia confirms that Hilterapia® is effective for successfully treating haemophilic ankle arthropathy which they may be subject to.

The study

For the trial, the young patients were divided into two groups:

  • the first underwent Hilterapia® sessions and a programme of specific exercises for pain reduction, ankle flexibility, improvement of muscle strength and for the improvement of proprioception, balance and neuromotor control;
  • the second underwent placebo treatment sessions (i.e. using the Hiro 3.0 device without activating the laser, with just the light on) and the same exercise programme.

The children were then assessed according to various parameters: level of pain (on a numerical basis), posture stability (through a computerised footboard) and weight-bearing distribution by means of a mapping system of the foot support pressure.

The results

The results of the research “Pulsed Nd:YAG laser: effects on pain, postural stability, and weight-bearing pattern in children with hemophilic ankle arthropathy” showed significant statistical data in pain reduction, posture stability and improvement in the weight-bearing distribution for the first group compared with the second.

This has led researchers to suggest the reduction in pain suffering also enables a reduction in the biomechanical protection mechanisms, which the patients instinctively put in place.

Hilterapia®, applied exclusively by doctors specialised in the haemophiliac field, combined with exercises therefore proves to be a valid therapeutic solution for the pathology under examination.

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