ASA magnetotherapy effective for treating cervical hernia

03 September 2019 - Research -

A new valuable acknowledgement for ASA’s magnetotherapy: a study – Efficiency of pulsed electromagnetic fields on pain, disability, anxiety, depression, and quality of life in patients with cervical disc herniation: a randomized controlled study (Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences) – underlines that it can be safely used to treat cervical hernias in addition to conventional therapeutic methods.

The research

74 patients affected by cervical hernia, divided into two groups, were treated with hot compresses and magneto EASY and with hot compresses and magneto placebo, with the aim of studying the effects of magnetotherapy on pain, functionality, psychological health and quality of life.

The results

The results obtained on the patients, assessed through specific scores prior to treatment, at 3 weeks (end of treatment) and at 12 weeks (follow up), showed a significant improvement in both groups for the neck pain, functionality, anxiety and quality of life and a statistically higher favourable change at 12 weeks in terms of pain and sleep quality for patients treated with Easy Quattro Pro.

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