Knowledge and practicality.

The evolution of ASA’s biomedical technologies derives from continuous development: a free, open and ethical activity which aims to develop and disseminate knowledge, espousing scientific rigour with production requirements, constantly improving products and therapeutic results.

Real innovation is what produces concrete, verifiable and repeatable results.

The full path of the research:

  1. Analysis. Design phase and bibliography research
  2. Test. In vitro, in vivo and clinical research
  3. Sharing. Publication of results in international magazines and therapeutic validation

Research objectives

To define new therapeutic indications and protocols in order to originate new equipment and new care solutions, as well as a systematic and open discussion with the international scientific community.

Scientific Committee

Composed of specialists in various subjects – biology, physics, engineering and medicine – who lay down the guidelines and validate results according to standard procedures recognised by the international scientific community.


A constant integration and exchange between basic and applied research, fully complying with precise methodological rules, avoiding animal testing or resorting to this only when absolutely indispensable; in any case complying with the strictest ethical standards.

Prestige and credibility cannot be improvised.

Scientific production in the biomedical field has accompanied ASA’s evolution since its birth. The intuition to set up the ASAcampus research division enabled developing – in collaboration with institutes, laboratories, international research organisations – a significant number of study projects: in particular concerning technological innovation in laser therapy and magnetotherapy and concerning cell and tissue action mechanisms.

A great part of these studies have been published in international reviews; others are still in progress. They all witness the freedom and neutrality of ASA laboratory activity.

ASAcampus was born in 2007 and boasts many scientific achievements, whose results are promptly employed in order to progress in developing instrumental techniques and therapeutic protocols.
The ASAcampus interdisciplinary group of researchers is involved in national and international research projects supported by prestigious bodies such as the Italian (ASI) and European (ESA) Space Agencies.


From basic research
to clinical research.

The ASAcampus joint laboratory, born from the partnership between the ASA Research Division and the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences of the University of Florence, is involved in research in “Biology of Physical stress”, focusing on the effect of certain physical factors (gravity, mechanical stresses, light, electromagnetic fields) on the body and their related action mechanisms.

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In addition to research,
the sharing of knowledge.

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A wealth of knowledge,
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Tutto Schermo
ASA Training. Training
to achieve excellence

Real innovation is growing together.

ASA’s training offer analyses, interprets and recounts the development of laser therapy and magneto therapy with very practical methods, based on the supervision and collaboration with a team of educators – doctors and researchers – with a recognised scientific profile.

Papers on research and clinical studies at scientific conventions and workshops complete the picture of an offer that is coherent with our company philosophy, which shares lasertherapy and magnetotherapy culture.

Teaching uses highly professional didactic material (in-depth study manuals, 3D videos, scientific publications) directly produced by ASA experts and researchers.

The teaching platform is completed by a tablet application (App Store and Play Store) that integrates our teaching material with video recordings of applicative practices.

ASA Training

  • Start-up training for the sales force
  • Training for final clients/users
  • Regular in-depth analysis sessions

Road Show Training

Courses and demos by ASA specialists addressed to doctors and professionals: an opportunity to discover the potential of devices, protocols, treatments and the related therapeutic results obtainable.

Video Training

Dedicated video-conference training sessions directly from ASA offices for continuous updates and a constant discussion concerning the use of the devices, including on a one-to-one basis.