Effect of High-Power Laser on Shoulder Mobility in Sub Acromial Impingement Syndrome: Randomized Controlled Trial

W.A. Kamal, M. Saber, K. Aiad, M.S.E.M. Mostafa, H.A. Bahey El- Deen
Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques, 8-3:1157-1162, 2020

The effect of high-power laser on shoulder mobility in subacromial impingement syndrome had been not investigated yet.
Objective of study was to investigate the effect of high-power laser therapy on shoulder mobility in subacromial impingement syndrome. A Prospective, Randomized, pre - post- Test, controlled trial was conducted.
Setting: Outpatient clinic of Cleopatra Hospital – Egypt. The Study was conducted between June 2017 and Feb 2018.
Participants: Forty Patients who were diagnosed with 1 - 2 stage impingement syndrome pain was randomly divided into two equal groups. Interventions. Group (A) received a program of Neodymium- yttrium aluminum Garnet Laser 1064 nm wave Length Hiro 3 high intensity pulsed Laser was used in the study, Power of 8 W, dose of 12 J/cm2 and Total maximum energy of 10000 J were Applied for 15 min and duration for single impulse 150 `us, fluency 760 mj, two sessions per week over six weeks' period in addition to exercise Group (B) Received Exercise in the form of Pendulum Ex. For 5 minutes, strengthen Ex for Anterior fiber of deltoid, stretching ex for sub scapularis muscle and anterior and posterior capsule.
Main outcome measure: Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), active shoulder flexion and abduction, Ultrasonography of supraspinatus tendon thickness. Comparing both groups post-program revealed a statistically significant reduction in Ultrasonography Dimension of supraspinatus and VAS and significant increase in ROM of shoulder flexion and abduction in favor to group A in compared to group B (p > 0.05). It’s concluded that high level laser Therapy was yielding more improvement for shoulder mobility in impingement syndrome.