Hilterapia for myofascial pain syndrome
Research - 24/08/2020
The results after 4 weeks with 3 sessions every 7 days, showed that the therapy with PPRT and physical exercise, alone or combined with laser, is effective in treating active myofascial trigger...
Efficacy of HILT on arthropathy of the hands
Research - 07/08/2020
A recent study conducted on a sample of 50 patients affected by systemic lupus erythematosus with arthropathy to the hands confirms the efficacy of treatment with Hilterapia®.
Physiotherapy and social distance during covid19 emergency
Corporate - 21/05/2020
In the Covid-19 era there is a new term which has become a part of the vocabulary of us all and which has led to a substantial revision of our lifestyle and work: "social distancing".
HIRO TT nella riduzione del dolore
Research - 24/04/2020
The clinical application of ASA’s therapeutic strategy based on the combination of a pulsed Nd:YAG laser, a SmartCooler system, and physical exercise, confirms the average decrease in pain by 90%...
Hilterapia® e gestione del dolore della sindrome di Tietze
Research - 24/04/2020
A recent case history reported by physiotherapist Valentina Rivetti describes how the application of Hilterapia® in a young patient suffering from this pathology has allowed better pain management,...
MLS in TMJ disease
Research - 22/04/2020
A recent study published in the current issue of the scientific magazine Energy For Health shows that the combination of Ora-GuardTM device and MLS® Laser Therapy is a well-tolerated conservative...