The many scientific achievements in this section are all implemented by using ASA devices, enhancing the direct evidence of therapeutic effectiveness.
These studies are destined to grow, thanks to the wide distribution of ASA therapies throughout the world.

Found 210 Researches.
T. Viliani, B. Lombardi
Energy For Health [21], 2021

The ulcer of the patient was a non-heling ulcer, which did not more react to therapies. In our patient laser treatment with laser MLS®-MiS was the only treatment adjuncted to her customary chronic therapy. Laser treatment gradually lead to reduction... Read more
T. Rungnirundorn, N. Khamchomphu, N. Senarat, T. Duangurai
Energy For Health [21], 2021

This report showed that class IV laser therapy was safe and effective. It can be considered as an alternative therapeutic method for stomatitis in snakes. Read more
S. Muñoz, M. Cárdenas, G. Zanna
Energy For Health [21], 2021

The application of laser therapy helped to stop the necrosis progression and reduced the need of further surgical reconstruction and systemic antibiotics during all the wound healing process. The outcome was the preservation of the limb from any amputation... Read more
E. Gerace, F. Cialdai, E. Sereni, D. Lana, D. Nosi, M.G. Giovannini, M. Monici, G. Mannaioni
Molecular Neurobiology, 2021

NIR laser radiation attenuates OGD neurotoxicity in organotypic hippocampal slices through attenuation of inflammatory mechanisms. These findings shed light on molecular definition of NIR... Read more
J. Robijns, J. Lodewijckx, S. Claes, L. Van Bever, L. Pannekoeke, S. Censabella, L. Bussé, D. Colson, I. Kaminski, V. Broux, S. Puts, S. Vanmechelen, A. Timmermans, L. Noé, P. Bulens, M. Govers, A. Maes, J. Mebis
Radiotherapy and Oncology 158, 268-275, 2021

PBMT significantly reduced the National Cancer Institute-... Read more
S. Genah, F. Cialdai, V. Ciccone, E. Sereni, L. Morbidelli, M. Monici
Biomedicines 9, 307, 2021

The present study demonstrates that the proposed NIR laser therapy is effective in controlling fibroblast activation induced by IL‐1β and TNF‐α, likely responsible for a deleterious effect of persistent inflammation. Read more
M.A. Vetrici, S. Mokmeli, A.R. Bohm, M. Monici, S.A. Sigman
Journal of Inflammation Research, 14:965-979, 2021

PBMT is a safe and effective potential treatment for COVID-19 pneumonia and improves clinical status in COVID-19 pneumonia. Read more
E. Sirbu, R.R. Onofrei, T. Hoinoiu, R. Petroman
Applied Sciences, 11, 2273, 2021

Multiwave Locked System laser therapy in conjunction with physical exercise therapy exercises may have advantages over TENS, ultrasound and physical exercise therapy in the treatment of subacromial pain syndrome. Read more
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