A comparison of effects of therapy with the NIR laser diode and MLS® laser system

M. Kimlickova, Y. Efremova, E. Blaskova, V. Navratil, L. Navratil
Energy for Health [15], 2016

Laser therapy can be applied as a rehabilitation treatment in patients affected by musculoskeletal diseases.
The target of the present study was an assessment of therapeutic effects achieved applying laser therapy to treat three different musculoskeletal disorders: arthrosis, vertebrogenic algesic syndrome (VAS) and enthesopathy. Two different sources were compared: a single wavelength (830 nm), pulsed NIR laser (BLT2000) and a dual wavelength (808nm, continuous emission, and 905 nm, pulsed emission) NIR laser (Multiwave Locked System - MLS®). Moreover, as regards the MLS® source, the efficacy of two different doses was compared. Not only therapeutic effects but also the comfort of the patient associated with the therapeutic procedures here evaluated was considered.