In vitro biological responses to electromagnetic fields exposure of peripheral nervous system cells

A. Colciago, F. Celotti, M. Monici, V. Magnaghi
Energy for Health [19], 2019

An important goal in neuroscience is the study of new therapeutic strategies to promote nerve regeneration in peripheral neuropathies. Evidences from the literature suggest that the application of electromagnetic field (EMF) might be a valid approach to promote nerve regeneration, even if the molecular mechanisms underlying these positive effects are not clearly defined. Aim of our work is to characterize EMF safety and effects on rat Schwann cells (SCs) cultures as an in vitro model of nerve cells involved in axonal integrity. SCs were exposed to EMF with different experimental settings and cell viability, proliferation, migration ability and specific myelin markers were analyzed.
Data suggest that EMF is not a toxic stimulus for SCs even when it is applied repeatedly, moreover a “chronic” EMF exposure induces an increased proliferation without affecting cell differentiation.
In conclusion, a repeated EMF exposure might represent a tool to improve regenerative ability of myelin producing SCs on peripheral nerves.