Post-traumatic complications in the distal forelimb of a Spitz dog. Evaluation and outcome of a physiatric approach.

M. Lopedote, J. Bolzoni, S. Valentini, G. Spinella (2020)
Veterinaria, Anno 34, 1:35:41, 2020

Metacarpal fractures in canine forelimbs generally occur as a consequence of trauma. Conservative or surgical approaches can be used to manage these fractures. Rehabilitation is a tool used in Veterinary Medicine to promote the recovery of the musculoskeletal system, addressing both neurological and orthopaedic lesions. In this case report, we discuss the physiatric approach allowed to regain weight-bearing and mobility of left forelimb in a 3 years old female Spitz dog with a delayed skin and bone union of multiple exposed fractures of metacarpal bones occurred as surgical complication after a road accident.