Muscle lesion in athletes: case comparison between Hilterapia and traditional therapy

A. Valent
Energy for Health [03], 2009

Muscle pathologies during sport activities are very frequent. The most serious event is the muscle strain that needs specific treatment based upon functional rehabilitation associated with physiotherapeutic medical equipments. This clinical study compared the results obtained in two groups of 15 patients, homogeneous for pathology (1st degree strain), sex and age, treated with either Hilterapia® or with traditional therapy (CO2 laser therapy and ultrasound therapy). Results have been evaluated by using VAS pain score, ultrasound scan, number of therapy sessions, time before sport activity can be resumed and satisfaction index of patients. Based on this study, Hilterapia® proved to be effective in reducing pain and time before sport activity can be resumed, with statistically better results when compared to conventional therapy, according to all evaluation parameters.