MLS® Laser Therapy in the treatment of patients affected by Tendinopathies

L. Vignali, G. Caruso, S. Gervasi, F. Cialdai
Energy for Health [16], 2017

Tendon diseases are widespread in the population and constitute a high percentage of the consultations to the physician for musculoskeletal disorders. They are painful, debilitating and negatively affect patient’s quality of life. Some tendons are particularly vulnerable to degenerative pathology; these include the Achilles, elements of the rotator cuff, patella, foot extensors and tibialis posterior tendons. Although tendinopathies are common, their treatment is not easy and often combined therapies are needed to alleviate symptoms, promote functional recovery and prevent recurrence. Among the resources available for treating tendinopathies, laser therapy showed to be effective in reducing pain and disability in some types of tendinopathy.