MLS® Laser Therapy in a dog with a recalcitrant wound suspected of being caused by a spider bite

S. Muñoz, M. Cárdenas, G. Zanna
Energy For Health [21], 2021

Poisonous arachnids may be present in some European countries and live in uncultivated lands or damp meadows or in general, can be found among the blades of grass and twigs of the bushes.1,2 In Italy, there are several spider species as Yellow Sack spider (Cheiracanthium punctorium), Violin spider (Loxosceles Rufescens) or Tegenaria Agrestis, which possess dermonecrotic venom.
However, spider bites have only rarely been reported in veterinary medicine, mostly because, due to their secretive behavior, it is difficult to confirm their involvement in skin lesions.
This case report describes the application of MLS® Laser Therapy in the management of an extended necrotic lesion in the left forelimb of an adult dog, presumably bitten by a spider in the countryside.