Clinical results in the treatment of ankle and knee distortion pathologies with MLS® therapy

L. Corti, E. Rosa, V. Norbiato, L. Pedrini
Scientific Report MLS®, 2004

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of MLS (Multiwave Locked System) Therapy on osteo-musculotendinous pathologies previously not considered, such as trauma to the knee and ankle. The knee is a complex joint, extremely exposed to trauma and degenerative lesions; while the ankle bears the body weight and is thus very vulnerable and subject to sprains. Of the 28 patients included in this study, 11 had knee trauma, 18 had ankle trauma. A 10-day treatment with the M6 system (ASA, Arcugnano, Vicenza) was scheduled, making automatic execution of the therapy possible. The VAS scores before MLS Therapy, those before therapy but after palpation, and those right after treatment are compared through t-test. The results confirm the effectiveness of MLS Therapy in the remission of painful symptoms and in recovery of functionality in a short time, so as to allow, in many cases, for the suspension of therapy before completing the 10 sessions foreseen by protocol.