HILT treatment in epicondylitis

G. P. Ganzit, E. Gurin
1st congress on Hilterapia®, 2006

Place: Institute of Sport Medicine, Torino
Purpose: to assess the efficacy of HILTherapy on pain control and functional recovery in patients affected with epicondylitis.
Method: 23 patients (mean age 42 years) have been enrolled. They were tennis players and were affected by epicondylitis, which did not respond to other therapies. The subjects were treated with HILTherapy (10 sessions). The pain and functional state were assessed before the treatment, after 5 and 10 sessions by Steinbroker scale, VAS and isometric strength.
Results: pain significantly decreased after 5 sessions and was furtherly reduced after 10 sessions. Prehension strength strongly increased at the end of the therapy.
Conclusion: The treatment with HILTherapy reduces pain and improves the functional state on patients affected by persisting epicondylitis due to sport practice.